The Ultimate Realtor Toolkit: 2021 Edition

Anna Choi
Anna Choi
Growth Marketer
Sep 8, 2021
The Ultimate Realtor Toolkit: 2021 Edition

Since the start of the pandemic, real estate has changed drastically. Realtors have had to find creative ways to show houses, interact with clients, and not to mention wearing a mask the whole time!

Those who adapted to these new circumstances thrived. Those who didn’t went extinct like the Blue-Footed Boobie. But staying ahead and constantly finding new edges can feel overwhelming. The truth is that it's worth investing the time upfront--certain tools will save you precious time and create new avenues to pursue. This article highlights tools that are crucial to setting you up for long term success.


Featuring quick videos and straight to the point messages, TikTok is the hottest social media platform around. The sensational growth of TikTok can’t be slept on anymore by realtors. In 2018, TikTok was already larger than Instagram after surpassing the one billion downloads mark.  It’s not just for teenagers dancing and lip-syncing either.

Most popular brands and businesses are taking advantage of the staggering amount of organic reach achieved on the platform. Here are some ideas for how to engage your audience:

  • Combine trending music with a tour of your newest listing.
  • Guide potential buyers through the negotiation process.
  • Offer tips on how to navigate a bidding war.
  • Show turnkey properties before and after renovation.

As the gen z and millennials demographics continue to gain more of the market share, this is the perfect way to plant seeds for the future of your business.

Social media automation and beyond

With so many platforms to manage, social media can easily become its own job. Luckily, there are ways to automate your posts. Buffer connects to various platforms and enables you to plan posts days in advance. You can create a backlog of content on your slow days, then set it and forget it.

When pre-planning your posts, use Canva to create crisp content. Features include aesthetically pleasing graphics for Instagram, Facebook, and beyond. It’s free and so easy to use that just about anyone can do it. 

To complete the marketing flywheel and enhance your SEO, repurpose your social media content. Start a blog, podcast, or even host webinars. Over time, keywords that you use specific to your area can earn you front page real estate on Google. Hello inbound leads!

Virtual tours

Most professional real estate photographers now offer packages combining static photos and virtual tours. Providing a virtual tour of homes is far more interactive than just posting images of a home for sale. It gives users full control as they observe every part of a home and aerial views of the neighborhood captured by drones. 

It’s one of the best tools for realtors because it’s a flexible option for clients. The upfront cost will be higher, but consider how much time you save yourself, potential buyers, and even sellers by not having to be physically present at each tour. In contrast, those who request an in-person tour likely have greater interest. This is a win-win-win situation.

Home concierge

Buyers are looking for turn key properties. Homeowners are looking for creative solutions to sell for the highest ROI possible. Partnering with a full-service home concierge company gives your clients more options.

Concierge services may not be the industry standard--YET. However, there’s a reason brokerages across America are entertaining this model. Imagine a listing appointment where you put owners in the driver's seat? 

Coming to the table with an as-is marketing plan and a renovation option does just that. Sometimes clients don’t have the resources or experience to make renovations before a home sale. For that reason, they may have never entertained the idea. Working with a home concierge provider gives them the funds, manpower, and experience to make it happen. 

Empower your clients with choices, the rest will follow.

Differentiate yourself from the competition

As you know, trends are everything in real estate. It’s important to pay attention to where the market is going as well as how to navigate change. Staying ahead of the curve creates a window of opportunity for your business, but also gives advantages to clients who work with you. Start laying the groundwork for future success by adopting the latest technologies and services.

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Anna Choi
Anna Choi
Growth Marketer
Sep 8, 2021

Anna Choi is a New York transplant. A full-stack growth marketer with deep experience in managing and executing integrated marketing strategies. Her ability to project manage and execute quickly across any marketing channel comes in second only to her talent as being one of the most organized humans alive.

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