How realtors should speak to their clients about home concierge

Home concierge has emerged as an asset to realtors looking to win listings. Leveraging home concierge enables realtors to maximize home value for their clients. Let’s learn how.

Offering home concierge is one way that realtors are distinguishing themselves from competitors. Even if you aren’t familiar with home concierge, you’ve probably heard the term used in reference to hotels. True home concierge is a service that renovates homes, working with the client from start to finish. 

This can be a valuable tool for realtors working with certain clients. Imagine that your client needs work done, but they settle for selling as-is because they’ve never heard of home concierge. By educating your clients about home concierge as an option to explore, you could be drastically changing their financial situation.
In this article, we’ll explore various ways to present home concierge services to your clients.

Use a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) as the starting Point

The first step is explaining home concierge to a client without making their head spin. To do this, show them real examples of how it will positively impact their home-selling experience. You can do this by introducing a comparative market analysis with other properties in the area. 

Show clients that renovated homes in the neighborhood have an increased value which is going to open their eyes more. Afterwards, circle back to their own home and point out specific areas that could be upgraded. The truth is, most buyers are looking for a turnkey home where they could simply move in without doing work to their new property. It’s much easier to transition into home concierge services that will take care of renovations this way. 

Explain how financing works 

Not everyone has the cash on hand to invest in renovations. Financing is one of the main reasons why a home seller might steer clear of making necessary upgrades that could increase their home’s value. That’s why explaining how financing actually works with a home concierge is an appealing conversation to have with a client. 

Home concierges front the renovation costs so that your clients don’t need to burn through their own pockets. They know how to make cost-effective repairs in order to maximize the profit once the home sells. 

Concierge companies treat the process like a home flip. They have refined the rehab process over hundreds of flips, starting with estimates for the project, all the way through completion of work. Their experience gets the job done quickly utilizing their expansive network of contractors and project managers. Since they are financially invested in these flips, they are incentivized to finish flips in a timely manner, enabling them to save on holding costs.

Hands-off project management

Your clients are probably busy people, they don’t want to spend their spare time renovating. It’s common for homeowners to ignore necessary renovations because they simply don’t have the time to complete a project. It’s taxing to do research about the latest trends and learn about how much everything should actually cost. 

As a realtor, home concierge is an opportunity to add value by giving your clients time back. A concierge service will manage the project while you build up hype for the newly renovated home. Your client experiences the upside of selling a renovated home without committing their own time to the project.

Contractors are already vetted and have tight relationships with a home concierge. Clients don’t have to worry about overpaying or making excessive repairs. The concierge company also maps out the budget for projects from start to finish. Everything from design and sourcing materials, to working as a liaison with contractors will already be done for the client. 

Sell for a profit

Who doesn’t love hearing about how much money they could potentially make?

With a true hands-off experience, the homeowner gets to sit back while everybody goes to work for them. The realtor does their job on the marketing side, including reaching out to buyer agents and creating before and after renovation pictures. 

The home concierge takes care of rehabilitation so the home becomes a turnkey property for potential buyers. The end result is a maximized profit for the client once the home is sold. Not to mention, you and the client get updates every step of the way. 

Provide the ultimate concierge experience 

Speaking to a client about home concierge services could create a win-win situation for everybody involved. Revive Concierge takes pride in democratizing the sale of homes for homeowners using our experienced renovation system. 

Revive makes it as easy as possible to map out a renovation plan, finance the project, and maximize profit for homeowners. If you’re a realtor, get in touch with us today and see how we can help create a turnkey home for your clients.

written with intention by
Barrie Wilson
Partnerships Director