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How real estate listings and potentially jobs are shifting to AI

While your next real estate agent probably won't be a robot, smart machines "will likely revolutionize the back-end operations of the real estate market," one observer said.

The Power Of Follow-Up: Supercharge Your Real Estate Marketing Funnel

By Dalip Jaggi, co-founder of Revive Real Estate, a PropTech with a goal to democratize house flipping.

How Real Estate Agents Can Use AI to Manufacture Inventory

Real estate is rapidly integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into its operations. A recent survey by Delta Media found that 75% of top brokerages already use AI, and almost 80% of their agents have adopted AI tools. Top agents are among the earliest adopters of this transformative technology, working AI into their daily workflow to create content,...

Revive has been selected as a HousingWire Tech 100 Winner for the second year in a row!

Revive is deploying leading-edge technology to streamline pre-sale renovations in a way previously unimaginable by creating an AI-powered AVM to determine a home’s current condition and the greatest potential for renovation, all in a smart tool for real estate agents.

How Michael Alladawi Made the Move from Medicine to Real Estate

In his latest Snapshot profile, Brandon Doyle finds out how Michael Alladawi is continuously redefining the real estate industry with innovative concepts and solutions

How To Stand Out from the AI Marketing Noise

Agents and brokers can make the most of the latest 'martech' tools by first identifying an area of expertise that they can build their brands on, then forging lifelong relationships with clients.

Transforming Your Listings: The Impact of Renovations on Market Appeal

Do you have a solid pre-sale renovation approach? What about for clients with dated homes? Here's how you can help your clients (and yourself) make the most money possible through pre-sale renovations. Learn how agents like you are maximizing seller profits by 236% on average!

Protecting Real Estate Investments: Expert Strategies for Success

Explore essential strategies for safeguarding your real estate investments. Gain expert insights on effective property management, risk assessment, and market trend analysis to secure and grow your investments.

The evolution of pre-sale renovations: How the industry has changed over the past decade

Over the last decade, the landscape of pre-sale home renovations has undergone a transformation as significant as the shift from looking at a printed MLS book of homes listed for sale to searching for a home on your phone.

The ROI of renovations: explaining the financial potential of renovating before selling

Low listing inventory is a common challenge that agents (and brokerages) are facing in 2023, and one big reason is because homeowners who live in properties that could use a little TLC before going to market are unable to fund those renovations. It's hard for a homeowner to list their most valuable asset knowing that they could be asking for more money if they made a few small changes upfront!