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Sell 360

Sell now. We flip.
You profit.

Stop entertaining low investor offers. With Sell360, get cash now and earn additional profits when your home is re-sold after strategic upgrades.

Sell now

Skip the hassle get instant cash

Avoid home showings, stressful negotiations, and repairs. Get a cash offer for your home in its current condition today.

48-hours to receive an offer
Close in as little as 10 days
Up to $20k in cash before closing
Skip the hassle with the sell of your home
Renovation Scope and Budget with Revive
We flip

Rely on our expertise to increase value

Our in-house team of Interior Designers, Owner's Reps, and Property Advisors ensure swift, value-maximizing remodels.

1,200+ homes renovated
100% job completion
72% faster than DIY renovations
You profit

Reap the benefits of selling your home twice

Revive does what no other company will do... we pay you again. Unlike cash-for-home companies, we pass any additional profits onto you with a second check.

$100k+ average additional profit to homeowner
38% average increase in home value
163% average return on renovation investment

*Outcomes vary by home and market, no guaranteed profits.

Home re-sold in Turnkey Condition

Simple process

Step 1

Revive buys your home.

We appraise your home, set a budget, and plan renovations for the highest return on investment. Once you approve our offer, Revive will proceed with purchasing your home & you receive your first check.

Step 2

Revive renovates your home.

Revive utilizes it's innovative, industry-first renovation system, selecting fully vetted and trained contractors. Each project is supported by a dedicated Owner's Rep, ensuring you stay informed with weekly updates on your home's transformation.

Step 3

Revive sells your home.

We work with the listing agent to put your newly-renovated home on the market–ensuring it sells for top dollar.

Step 4

Revive pays you a second check.

Revive does what no other company will do… we pay you again. Unlike cash-for-home companies, we pass any additional cash onto you with a second check.

No Sneaky Fees with Revive Sell360

No sneaky fees with Revive

We charge a flat program fee of 6% and you don’t pay until closing.

Recommended by 1,000+ homeowners

The number one aspects about Revive is they help with the fronting of the cost. It's phenomenal.

Roy Osorio

Nov 30, 2023

My client and I met with Andrew for an initial conversation. Andrew was very informative and answered the questions we had at the time with professionalism. Looking forward to meeting with the photographer today.

Sheree Brock

Nov 22, 2023

Wonderful! Couldn’t be a better experience thus far.

Silke Stearns

Nov 17, 2023

Revive did a finished and polished product in a really timely manner. It was just an ultimate awesome success, everybody's happy including myself. Super thankful!

John Selby

Nov 3, 2023

Revive did a fantastic job helping me help my client unlock their trapped equity in their home and I have a very happy seller.

Lisa McCann

Nov 2, 2023

Revive has allowed our company to expand and do what we do best of focusing and pay attention on the quality and precision of our work so clients are happy.

Jason Sterlino

Nov 2, 2023


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Unlocking equity is hard,
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