Obtain real, predictable work for your business.

Join a hand-selected group to access guaranteed business commitments each month. Best part? It’s free.
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For the business-oriented service provider.

Use these lists to seal the deal and get the customer over the line.
Desire to increase sales volume
Tired of unpredictable sales.
Gets bogged down on administrative tasks
Prefers work over client communication.
Eager for guaranteed work.
Interested in the benefits of a partnership.


Average renovation size

5 jobs

Per month, per provider


Average monthly volume
Increase business volume.
Become a part of Revive’s exclusive contractor network and maximize your annual earnings.
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Guaranteed jobs

No more lead generators or one-time jobs, just real, handpicked jobs for your business for you and your crew.

Extended sales team

Our sales representatives go to work for you. We'll filter through clients, and budgets and bring jobs that match your business.

Business support

Our team assists with the design, material sourcing, obtaining permits, and more – leaving you to work on the actual project and finish faster.

Immediate pay

Get paid within 24-48 hrs after homeowner and agent sign-off.

Let’s grow together.

Hear what some of our partners have to say.

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Revive took our industry into this next step, which is into the future, into the digital world, so that we’re able to be more efficient and focus on the actual building and not having to deal with all the backend that slows us down.

Rani Rabbat

Revive brings clients the freedom and confidence they need.

Lisa Bell