Our mission

A world where every homeowner can effortlessly transform their property into its highest value

Why renovate?

Renovations can majorly increase your home’s value and make it a nicer place to live. But, the thought of juggling contractors, unexpected costs, and endless delays? Not so appealing, right? This often leads folks to pass on fixing up their place

Missing out on a potential 15-20% increase in their home's value.

That’s a hefty sum left on the table, all because the renovation process feels like a giant headache. Clearly, it’s time for a straightforward way to unlock our homes’ full potential.

Our focus

How we design our products

This is our company's thesis to help homeowners to maximize their real estate's potential, whether buying, living in, or selling, ensuring they can fully benefit from their investment.

A better way to hire a contractor

Our goal is to streamline the process of finding the right contractor, ensuring a perfect match for your project's needs.

A better way to manage a contractor

Our programs offer dedicated personnel & easy-to-use tools for overseeing your renovation, keeping projects on track.

A better way to pay for renovations

Our mission is to introduce a superior method for financing renovations, offering solutions tailored to homeowners at all financial stages.

Our founding story

Michael, a seasoned real estate pro, and Dalip, a tech entrepreneur, met in 2019. Michael, having spent over a decade in the real estate industry—flipping homes, working in lending, and even ground-up construction—identified a critical gap in the market:

The complexities homeowners face with renovations to maximize their real estate's potential.

Dalip, with his tech edge, saw a chance to simplify things. Together, in 2020, they launched Revive, aiming to make home renovations easier and boost property values with their blend of real estate know-how and tech innovation.

The numbers of changed lives.


Average profit gained


Average increase


Average return on investment

There is a better way.

We built a real-estate platform that combines guidance, financing, and a proven process.

Revive revolutionizes the home renovation process with a dual approach: a Contractor-Supported Marketplace paired with our innovative Renovation Engine. Homeowners enjoy access to a network of carefully vetted contractors, ensuring both quality and reliability. Revive simplifies the renovation journey by taking on the bulk of operational tasks, from budgeting to permit management, allowing contractors to concentrate on their expertise.

From Revive's inception, our primary mission has been to secure a better future for homeowners everywhere, and that is still the case today.

Revivers are built different.

At Revive, our passionate team is on a mission to revolutionize real estate. We're all about creativity and innovation, working to empower homeowners and investors with transformative solutions.

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