Realtors Can Encourage Convenient, Quality Renovations With Revive Concierge

Dalip Jaggi
Dalip Jaggi
Chief Operating Officer, Co founder
Apr 8, 2021
Realtors Can Encourage Convenient, Quality Renovations With Revive Concierge

Realtors who offer home renovations stand out from their competition. Earn higher commissions, satisfy clients, and grow your business with this added offering.

Over the past year, real estate markets across the United States have flourished. Low inventory and high demand make this a realtor’s dream. This plus an oversaturated supply of realtors means that there’s more competition to win a listing.

The best way to stay competitive in any market is to be a problem solver. Help your client understand what their options are and customize to meet their needs. One way top realtors are doing this is to offer home concierge as a solution. Realtors work with companies that front the money, guide the renovations, and provide what has been coined in the industry as a concierge service. 

Overcoming barriers to home renovation with Revive Concierge

When done correctly, renovation adds tremendous value to a home. Even so, realtors rarely explore this solution with their clients. Objections abound, including:

  • Renovations take too long. Some sellers need a quick sale and don’t have time for renovations.
  • Clients don’t have money to renovate. Many homeowners simply do not have the capital needed to invest upfront.
  • Too many moving parts. Undertaking renovations requires extensive organizational and project management skills. It typically involves working with a number of contractors, navigating competing schedules, and ensuring that the work gets done in a timely manner. This can intimidate homeowners. 
  • Risk of Getting it wrong. Homeowners know that the cost of a renovation gone wrong can be detrimental. If the budgeting, planning, timing goes over, then poof there goes the return! 

These barriers seem insurmountable. Realtors who know how to solve these problems give their clients a way to reshape their financial future.

Enter Revive Concierge.

Revive Concierge is democratizing home renovation. We front the initial cost, meaning that homeowners do not have to worry about securing capital. Our clients receive an average return on investment of 150%. This offers a low risk, worry-free experience that can change your client’s lives.

In order to stay ahead of the competition, realtors need to think creatively. Realtors who explore this option immediately differentiate themselves. By teaming up with Revive Concierge, you have a competitive advantage. Now, you can give your clients a better experience by providing more options. 

How to stand out from the competition

Realtors who go above and beyond reap the rewards. Those who explore home renovation as an option provide significant value to their clients. These are some major benefits to consider.

1. Offering uncommon solutions to common problems

All too often, sellers find themselves in positions where they have to sell. Whether death, divorce, financial hardship, or otherwise these situations put pressure on homeowners to sell at a discount. Now, you can help sellers resolve these housing dilemmas in a profitable way.

The uncommon solution is the most obvious one. Sell 360 helps homeowners out by giving them cash for the property. What better way to liquidate a home today, but still have a fishing line in the deal. When renovations are complete and the home is resold, your clients will receive a check later for the additional profit-- like what Hannah Montana said, it's the best of both worlds.

2. Sell fast, at a profit

It takes about 3 weeks to sell a home on average. In part this average comes from two opposite sides of this spectrum: turnkey properties and fixer-uppers.

Usually, fixer-uppers sit on inventory for much longer. It also means price adjustments, holding costs, and headaches. The longer it takes to sell, the less patience your clients will have and the more advil you’ll need to stave off migraines.

In contrast, renovated homes sell faster--shocker. Buyers prefer move-in ready homes with minimal upkeep. Not surprisingly, they also sell for more money than fixer-uppers. Using a concierge service, you can help your clients turn fixer-uppers into turnkey properties. This transformation can be the difference between losing money and selling for a huge profit. Within minimal risk and a 100% money back guarantee, this option is worth exploring with your clients.

Leveraging a partner also means that you as a realtor have trust and confidence in the space. All the construction costs are calculated and renovation occurs while you focus on what you need to do. Grow your business and service your clients!

3. A better home selling experience

One of the best ways to satisfy clients is to help move their home quickly. A home sitting on the market fewer days and selling at a higher price will make your clients happy. This will impact your business long-term. 

Word of mouth and repeat business are the cornerstones of a successful realtor. If you provide value to your clients, you’ll have both. 

It’s very clear that options and excellent customer service lead to great results. To be a top realtor, you need to offer both. Giving your clients the option to renovate will make you stand out in a crowded market.

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Dalip Jaggi
Dalip Jaggi
Chief Operating Officer, Co founder
Apr 8, 2021

Entrepreneur, technologist, and passionate business leader sum up the core of Dalip Jaggi, co-founder of Revive Real Estate, a PropTech company with a goal to democratize house flipping. Since its 2020-inception, Revive has since become the smartest solution for homeowners to maximize their home’s sales value across the nation.

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