Creative Real Estate Solutions: Home Concierge

Jessica Morrow
Jessica Morrow
Chief of Staff
May 21, 2021
Creative Real Estate Solutions: Home Concierge

In real estate, there are a bevy of creative solutions. We’ve all heard of low and no money down. Another craze is house-hacking. And, of course, who could forget about flipping houses?

Another creative real estate strategy is home concierge.

When you hear concierge, hotels probably come to mind. A concierge gets their hands dirty and gets you up to speed while you explore a new area. They let you relax and enjoy your trip while they take care of the tedious tasks. That’s what a vacation is all about! 

Concierge service extends beyond hotels. We’ve created a complete home renovation service for homeowners who want to sell their home for top dollar, don’t know where to get started.

You can simply meet with an expert who takes care of everything you need in order to get top dollar for your home. Let's look at what a home concierge is and how it can give you your next creative real estate solution. 

Meet with our experts 

Our experts help you achieve creative real estate solutions by coming up with a full renovation plan. We create a no obligation plan that will maximize the potential ROI on your home. 

A presale expert knows what the latest trends are along with the designs and materials that you need for renovations. This is used to develop an accurate budget for your home’s renovation. Afterwards, our expert works as a spokesperson during the entire process. They handle thousands of home flips and sales every year. Not to mention, you’ll be paired with a realtor using our extensive real estate network. Everything from renovation prices to updated designs are selected using our industry expertise. 

Get matched with the perfect service provider for your home 

The phrase “your network is your net-worth” is especially true in the real estate industry. 

About that real-estate network we just mentioned? Instead of spending weeks if not, months finding a service provider, we have them for you. When working with us, you have full access to pre-vetted, licensed, and insured service providers with competitive pricing. This significantly boosts the turnaround of the renovation project and gets rid of headaches. 

Our projects are prioritized by contractors, so you’ll never have to wait to renovate. We reserve service providers for up to 60 home renovation projects a year. Since they consistently get income from our projects they work to serve you as fast as possible. Your home concierge serves as a manager that makes sure your service providers are on top of everything and puts all of the pieces together. 

Get renovations fronted to transform your home to turnkey 

What exactly is a turnkey home? It means that the home is ready to move in for buyers.  It’s as simple as “turning the key” and moving in!

There’s a large target market for turnkey homes. People with families, busy professionals and empty nesters prefer turnkey homes. We help maximize your ROI by making your home turnkey so that we can sell to this target audience who will pay top dollar. Just think about all the bidding wars happening across the country right now, your house could be next.

We democratize home flipping by making your turnkey home transformation hassle-free and we make sure you get your well deserved profit. Our experienced team of professionals know what the latest designs are. They know the trends that appeal to these types of home buyers. It might be fresh coats of premium paint or the best deals on modern light fixtures. Regardless, our team has you covered. 

Working with Revive also means that you don’t have to worry about saving your hard earned money on renovations. We front you the capital for renovations so you can transform your home to turnkey. There is no financing, interest, or fees when you get access to our capital. 

Maximize the value of your home

Using our creative real estate solutions, we get you maximum profit for your renovated home. On average, clients receive a 150% return on investment. Not only will your home be flipped for a high price, but we will help you get it done fast. We’re quickly changing the lives of homeowners because we take care of the heavy lifting for you. That means you get to save time and money. 

Making repairs and boosting the value of your home doesn’t have to be tedious. You can get your own home concierge who takes care of the hard work so you can sit back and take your profit. Join the democracy of home flipping with Revive so you can sell your home fast with the capital provided for you today. Our goal is always to maximize your ROI, so take a look and see if our creative real estate solution is the right fit for you. 

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Jessica Morrow
Jessica Morrow
Chief of Staff
May 21, 2021

Jessica Morrow, is a member of the founding team at Revive and today holds the position of Chief of Staff, overseeing companywide operations and acting as righthand and advisor to Revive’s CEO. With a background in real estate and ground-up construction, Jessica understands first-hand what it’s like to be in the ‘real estate trenches’ and aims to empower Realtors® with knowledge and tools to grow their businesses and bring value to their clients.

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