Why You Likely Need Assistance With Your Renovation Project

Michael Alladawi
Michael Alladawi
Chief Executive Officer, Co founder
Feb 3, 2021
Why You Likely Need Assistance With Your Renovation Project

Real estate markets across the US are prospering. During the pandemic, home renovation became more popular than ever. Homeowners have had more time for DIY projects and renovations. Inspired by Instagram influencers and HGTV shows, people see what home transformation looks like. Many don’t realize that behind the scenes, there’s much more to it than what meets the eye. 

The goal behind any home renovation is to increase the home’s value.
It’s also no secret that renovated homes sell faster. There’s a caveat though--you need to make the right updates within the right budget. This means number crunching, neutral colors, and updates that increase ROI.

Working with real estate professionals can simplify the process. They can make your home worth a lot more, too. Let’s take a look at an expert that can help you with your home renovations.

Remove emotions

It’s normal to be emotional about where we live. Perhaps you raised a family in the house. Maybe you and your partner painted the rooms together. Emotional attachments make it difficult to treat home renovation like a business decision. But if you want to profit from your updates, here’s what you need to do.

A simple way to keep emotions aside is by allowing experts to handle the process.
You certainly have preferences, but decisions based on data remove subjectiveness and eliminate risk.

Using a home concierge service, you can leverage experienced flippers who treat real estate as a business. We carefully analyze your home and create a renovation plan. The plan is rooted in ROI, meaning every decision made is in effort to sell at dollar amount we want.

Renovations are investments in your equity and your future.
Get a no obligation renovation plan to see how we can help. 


The best flippers succeed because of experience. To stay in business, they need to know what they’re doing. They know colors, the local market, and which updates in a home will earn the highest ROIs. Some renovations aren't needed to sell the home. Other updates, like kitchen remodels have a high return.

To get started, submit an inquiry and an expert will work with you to put together a renovation plan that accomplishes your goal.

As a homeowner, it’s likely that you have a full time job other than renovation. In contrast, we have decades of experience as professional flippers. This gives us tremendous knowledge to streamline projects. It also makes everything predictable and calculated. We aren't guessing, this is done everyday by our team. In fact, our projects generate an average of 150% ROI. We also turnover projects in half the time of traditional remodels. 

Relationships with good service providers

Service providers are key to a project’s success. Over time, they trust their 'guys', they are able to get better pricing, their guys will bend over in a few ways because of the continuous business. They more or less build a well-connected network over time.

Finding the best contractor
for your needs is critical, but can be harder to find than a needle in a haystack. There’s many reasons including stigma, lack of reliability, price gouging, upselling, and so on. Having a resource who’s already vetted contractors makes life much easier. With great relationships in the industry, renovation becomes more systematic.

Finding a good contractor is well worth the effort spent. If you’re unsure of this process, Revive Concierge can help. We carefully vet contractors and match you with the perfect service provider for your project. We also provide a one-year guarantee. 

Upfront capital

Newsflash: renovations require money. There are several traditional options for obtaining capital. Self-funding, borrowing from family, or taking a loan are all options. 

In general, financing is one area where novice flippers struggle. They just had to have their favorite teal hardware--in reality no one cares, but now you’re over budget. This can result in having to cut out important renovations. We need to pick neutral hardware, with complimentary style, based on economic and availability reasons

When you renovate your home, you want to do everything that maximizes your profit. A lack of access to funding will interfere with this ability. Revive Concierge offers a stress-free solution. We self-fund all projects, fronting the money with no interest or additional fees. By using Revive, you'll sell your home for more and even save your bank account.

Our goal is to maximize your return on investment. We provide greater access to renovation. Providing upfront capital lets us democratize home flipping so that you can share in your home’s upside.

Find out how we’ve assisted others to see if we’re right for you. 

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Michael Alladawi
Michael Alladawi
Chief Executive Officer, Co founder
Feb 3, 2021

Michael Alladawi, CEO & Founder of Revive Real Estate, is a Southern California real estate veteran with a proven track record as a builder, investor, and respected home flipper. Michael created Revive Real Estate to share his industry knowledge and help homeowners maximize their profits when selling their homes. Michael’s passion for his work is as big as his desire to create lasting partnerships. For Michael, it all comes down to how much value one offers, both in business and life relationships.

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