A Contractor's experience with home concierge

The demand for contractors has never been greater. One way to stand out from the competition is to partner with home concierge services. Here’s what a contractor learned from working with us.

Silicon Valley is known for decades of technological innovation dating back to the 70s. Still known for AirBnb, Facebook, and other unicorns, there is a different type of transformation happening without wings--at startup employees' homes across the Bay Area.

Enter Aaron, a general contractor in Palo Alto. He’s taking part in the home concierge revolution. In a recent interview, he wore a Revive Concierge t-shirt as he recounted being a part of our pilot program in the Bay Area. Based on our conversation, here are some lessons that every contractor can learn from his experience.

A Systematic approach 

Strong systems throughout the renovation process can be the difference between a job taking 6 weeks or taking several months. Working with our team, Aaron noted that “having a sharp, well-educated, and supportive team along with systems each step of the way makes projects go smoothly.”

Going into a project with a clear design and leveraging existing resources has sped up the process. It enables contractors to hit the ground running--and if there are hiccups, there are team members dedicated to problem solving. That way, you as a contractor can focus on your craft. A predetermined plan also gives the realtor more time to put the house on the market and make a sale.

Scale your business

A byproduct of good systems is the ability to scale quickly. For example, “I used to only be able to flip one house at a time, keeping little jobs on the side to make extra income. I’ve been able to scale to 7 projects at once because of the cyclical system we now have in place.”

Consistent work keeps teams busy on a regular basis and eliminates lulls that contractors tend to experience at certain times during a given project. This creates an economy of scale where sheer volume of projects increases production. It also leads to repeat business with a pipeline full of customers, which cuts down on lead generation costs.

Build long term relationships

Many contractors struggle to find repeat customers. They work with a family that needs some work done, but when the contract is over, they’re back to looking for leads and hoping for referrals. When working with home concierge services, there is consistent work because companies like Revive bring the leads to you.

When Aaron was referred by a local agent to work with us, he cited relationship building as his primary reason for trying something new:

“I could try to poach their customers, but where would that get me? I’m here for the long term. By working together, both of our businesses will grow.”

It also allows each team to focus on what they’re good at. Another competitive advantage stems from ongoing education. To stay ahead of the competition, it’s also important to constantly learn new skills and follow trends. Working with industry experts is a great way to do so. 

Working with Revive Concierge is mutually beneficial. They gain insights into the industry straight from the contractor’s perspective as well as our boots on the ground. I’ve learned a lot about how they run numbers and analyze properties. It’s a great combination.” 

Contractor input matters

With anything new, there is always going to be a learning curve. A big part of our core belief is that feedback makes us better. Aaron was impressed with how receptive we were to adjusting our processes based upon his feedback.

“During the pandemic, we’ve had to use readily available materials. A good example is with appliances, which are in high demand. Rather than waiting, I suggested moving on what’s in stock. Revive has done just that, saving time on the project and keeping us on deadline.”

We truly value contractor’s opinions and constantly look for ways to adapt based on feedback. This input continues to help us refine systems and increase efficiency across the board.

Position your business at the forefront of renovation innovation

Real estate brokerages across the country are already working with home concierge services. For forward-thinking contractors like Aaron, there is great potential in adapting to the new norm. By combining your renovation expertise with the relationships and established systems, you can take your business to the next level.

Are you ready to learn how to start earning jobs?

written with intention by
Claudia Sotto
Project Coordinator