Why It’s Not Uncommon To Hear That Contractors Can’t Start Your Project For Months

Mansoor Bahramand
Mansoor Bahramand
Chief Technology Officer
Jun 11, 2021
Why It’s Not Uncommon To Hear That Contractors Can’t Start Your Project For Months

One of the most frustrating aspects of starting any home renovation is waiting on contractors to start work and dealing with contractors who cannot start work on time. Understanding how contractors operate can help guide your next project.

Finding the right contractor is like finding a needle in a haystack. It can be extremely time-consuming to find the right contractor in the first place as you have to sift through so many options. When you do decide on who you want to use, finding out that they might not be available right away can be frustrating. 

Homeowners who plan renovations will tell you that one of the most anxiety inducing aspects is the uncertainty surrounding timeframes. This not only impacts your sanity, but it can cause you to question whether you made the right hire-- no one likes waiting.

There are many reasons why contractors can't start to work on your project. Let’s examine a few below so that you can see this from their perspective.

1. Contractors view you as a one time customer

Would you rather have acquaintances that you only meet once, or long lasting friendships?

It seems like a no-brainer, friendship is the obvious choice. Contractors feel the same way when it comes to who they do business with. Contractors tend to view homeowners as a one-off business opportunity rather than a longstanding partnership. 

Contractors are constantly performing a juggling act, moving from one project to another. When push comes to shove, they are going to prioritize finishing a repeat customer’s job because that’s their lifeline. 

2. Contractors have multiple job sites

In a busy market, it can be difficult to find the right contractor and get them to commit time to your project. The surge in renovations during the pandemic, coupled with a limited supply of contractors has caused delays. A bid alone can take a few weeks, then getting a start date can take weeks or even months.

Contractors have dozens of job sites going at the same time. It’s quite common     for them to send their crew to one location to get the ball rolling, then repeat at new sites. In many ways, this keeps their business active while waiting for permits and other requirements to be completed. This inevitably leads to delays in one way, shape, or form.

3. Permits and inspection delays

To legally complete renovation projects, contractors need to pull permits. Typically, contractors will handle any permits that are required as part of your renovation and manage the paperwork related to appointments. If the contractor is slow to pull permits, your renovation will be delayed. If town hall is slow, you may also have to wait. 

Delays in obtaining the relevant permits and scheduling inspections often means renovation projects take longer than expected. When delays happen, contractors move on to the next project to prevent further bottlenecks.

4. Renovation plan changes 

Often changes to renovation plans can result in delays to the job, or delays to contractors starting the work. When a homeowner changes the scope of the project, it may affect the timetable, pricing, and so on. It may impact the types of materials needed or even the team members necessary to complete everything. While some renovation project changes are necessary and unpredictable, others are not necessary and can build up delays and costs. 

Work with Revive and we’ll handle the contractors for you

When it comes to renovation projects, one of the main stressors for homeowners is dealing with contractors.  It can be a frustrating and time-consuming task.  The stress often starts with choosing the contractor, discussing your project and finalizing the details, and then waiting on your contract to start the work.  If the contractor does not start your project on time there is little to do other than chase them up and wait and this can be frustrating.

We’ll match you with the best contractor for the job, and finalize the timetable of your renovation so that it meets your needs and requirements.  If your contractor does not show up, it’s our job to chase them down and make sure delays are minimized.  With us handling everything from start to finish, you have time to focus on your life without additional stress.

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Mansoor Bahramand
Mansoor Bahramand
Chief Technology Officer
Jun 11, 2021

I'm Mansoor. I love building things - whether it's a great software team, a new startup, or just solving a tough problem. I've been in the technology industry for over a decade and have had the opportunity to work on some amazing projects. My passion is developing software, but what I really love is creating startups. Currently, I'm the Chief Technology Officer at Revive and Co-founder of Branch Startup Studio.

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