The Inside Scoop On Our Team Culture

Dalip Jaggi
Dalip Jaggi
Chief Operating Officer, Co founder
Jul 14, 2021
The Inside Scoop On Our Team Culture

Revive Concierge is a rapidly growing real estate tech company. Our dedicated team focuses on an unwavering belief in the company mission to provide innovative solutions for homeowners. Learn more about our team culture here.

In 2020, Revive Concierge was founded by Dalip Jaggi and Michael Allawadi. Since its conception, Revive has expanded to various parts of the country to solve a problem that many homeowners face. They have a house they want to sell, but they lack the resources to make it turnkey and maximize their home’s value.

Although it started with two men unified by one mission, Revive is now a manifestation of their vision. “We are fortunate to have major growth opportunities in the home concierge space. None of this would be possible without the people behind our mission. Our team is making my vision come to life,” says Michael Allawadi. 

There are 4 key factors that contribute to our work environment. Keep reading to learn more about what Revive’s team culture is like on the inside.

1. One company, one mission

When homeowners are looking to sell, there are very few solutions available. They can sell as-is or pay for renovations out of pocket (if they can afford it), but these usually leave money on the table. We want to give homeowners an opportunity to maximize their home’s value.

Our mission is to provide innovative solutions for homeowners. This might mean offering home concierge as an alternative to traditional solutions, it could also mean finding a family their next dream home before selling. This is constantly evolving based on customer needs and feedback. 

Customer success stories are motivating our team to create additional programs. Co-founder Dalip Jaggi emphasized that “our programs are changing as we find more creative ways to help people accomplish their biggest goals. We hope to be a company that changes people’s lives.”

2. Diversity

Our staff come from a wide range of backgrounds--culturally and otherwise. Some team members can speak multiple languages, others have moved across the country for new opportunities. Career wise, it’s also a melting pot: former business owners, fortune 500 employees, and a vast spectrum of real estate professionals have come together.

Collectively, this blend of people offer a multitude of perspectives. For example, a former real estate agent brings a strong understanding of homeowner wants, needs, and pain points. Team members who have worked at construction sites can speak to contractors and relay messages to owners using layman's terms. These skills create synergy and allow people to play off of each other’s strengths.

3. Autonomy

The number one reason why people change jobs is career opportunity. To many people, that means increased responsibility, creative freedom, and autonomy. We believe that the best results come from telling employees what the objective is and letting them explore how to get it done. 

At many corporations, gatekeepers slow production down and cause frustration. With so many permissions, it’s hard to express creative freedom...or get things done. In real estate, everything is time sensitive and decisions often need to be made in real time. Our employees are empowered to take control in order to resolve problems.  

There’s also an opportunity to match interests with skills. People are encouraged to take ownership over projects that they feel most passionate about. Collectively, this offers new and exciting challenges.

4. Adaptability

In nature, animals that are willing to adapt survive. There’s a reason that the Blue Footed Boobie no longer exists, yet sharks have been around since dinosaurs roamed the Earth. To stay ahead of the curve in this rapidly changing real estate market, we need to stay nimble.

The only way to grow as a company is to keep an open mind rather than fixating on a singular perspective. This starts by asking the question “how can we improve?” then listening to what people have to say. After hearing that some customers needed to sell quickly and couldn’t wait for renovations, we created a program to help. Now, Sell 360 exists to bridge that gap.

Employees are also at the root of challenging the status quo. A few months ago, there was no project coordination team. The reason it exists is because team members offered the suggestion to leadership as a way to help create more defined roles.

Whether creating new service offerings, amending the Revive app or building out a new team, there’s always something that we can do to be better. 

Build a better future

In many ways, Revive’s traditional real estate practices blended with technology serves as an analogy for the company at large. There are people from various backgrounds and skill sets, but everyone is working towards the same goal. Through constant innovation, we plan to change the lives of homeowners around the country.

Learn more about joining our team.

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Dalip Jaggi
Dalip Jaggi
Chief Operating Officer, Co founder
Jul 14, 2021

Entrepreneur, technologist, and passionate business leader sum up the core of Dalip Jaggi, co-founder of Revive Real Estate, a PropTech company with a goal to democratize house flipping. Since its 2020-inception, Revive has since become the smartest solution for homeowners to maximize their home’s sales value across the nation.

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