How to Add Value Without Spending Too Much

Jon Salas
Jon Salas
Head of Sales
May 26, 2022
How to Add Value Without Spending Too Much

Want to renovate your home before you sell? 

Stories abound of people taking massive home equity loans to improve their house. They want a beautiful new kitchen and a stunning bathroom. While these are great upgrades, it can be challenging to recoup your money if you aren’t a professional in the space.

Before you even spend a single cent, we’ll show you how to add the most value to your home so you can get the most bang for your buck. You’ll be equipped with these easy and cheap ways to make your home a show-stopper on the market in no time. Here’s how to add value without breaking the bank. 

Give it a fresh coat of paint

It’s time to get rid of that neon green wall and replace it with a neutral color. Paint offers an affordable option to increase home value. It allows potential buyers to envision themselves in the space and can play a huge role in how someone perceives space. Even painting the front door certain colors is a worthwhile investment!

Realtors recommend painting before selling because paint earns a 152% ROI. This percentage showcases the power of paint. It not only gives your home a fresh new feel but also hides those tiny imperfections you’d rather not put on full display. 

On average, you can expect to spend about $1.50-$3.50 per square foot. While an exterior paint job is usually more expensive, you can take the cheaper route and invest in a pressure wash to make the outside features of your home pop.

Update lighting fixtures

According to a recent National Association of Realtors (NAR) report, buyers consider environmentally friendly features as “very important." Upgrade to LED light bulbs, which last longer and are more energy-efficient. On top of that, one of the most profitable ways to renovate your home is to replace your old lighting fixtures. Provided they’re already wired, you can easily switch them out yourself for as little as under $100. When choosing the best fixtures, try to go for ones that look modern but minimalistic at the same time. You don’t want to buy a light fixture that doesn’t match with the rest of the home decor. 

Fix landscaping

Is your home’s curb spruced up so well that you have buyers practically lined up on the lawn? Most likely not yet. However, by reviving your landscaping, you can easily bring your home’s value up by 5.5-12.7%. It’ll be affordable too, since you won’t need to hire a professional to do a good landscaping job. You’d essentially be saving around $50-100 per hour according to HomeGuide by doing the work yourself. 

Let’s go over the basics of reviving your landscape: 

  • Pull out all the weeds and dead grass clumps you spot and fill in any empty spots with gravel and bark. 
  • Add plants to create a great first impression for any prospective home buyers. Popular options include flowers, succulents, short shrubs, and bushes. They not only look good and smell good, but are easy to buy and take care of. 
  • As an optional touch for good measure, you can renovate your front entrance by giving your door a new paint job and adding on a wreath or a welcome mat. 

Tidy up 

Wax on, wax off.

Now that the outside of your home is looking nice, it’s time to really add the bulk of your value by decluttering the interior. Take a look at the stuff you own and assess what you might need and might be able to let go of. Do you really need that unboxed blender you haven’t touched in three holidays? Are you sure you’ll use that olive pitter someday? 

It’s time to donate, sell, or throw away unneeded or unused items to clear up space. That way, your prospective buyers can actually take in the full potential of the space and already imagine themselves in it. Then, do a deep clean yourself or hire a professional cleaning service to put your house in tip-top shape for open houses and even listing photos.

Neutralize the aesthetic

Neutralizing the aesthetic of your home is one of the most important parts of a great home staging. It’ll create a feeling that nearly any prospective home buyer can feel comfortable in. That means you’ll have to remove objects of features within your home that could appeal to some buyers but turn off others. Color is a huge one – in general, you’ll want to stick to more earth and natural tones for the best appeal. The same goes for artwork. The more neutral artwork you can display, the better. 

Save money and add value 

You’ve just learned some of the best ways to add value to your home without spending too much. Want to truly maximize your home’s value even further to earn the most profit possible? You can rely on the experts for that. 

Here at Revive, we’ll invest in your home to make it the most valuable asset it can be before flipping your home at a high price. With hundreds of customer success stories on our hands, you can rest assured that we’ll secure the most profit possible for your home in as little hassle as possible. It’s time to maximize your home’s value: Schedule an intro call with us today.

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Jon Salas
Jon Salas
Head of Sales
May 26, 2022

Jonathan Salas brings a wealth of experience to Revive, having started in real estate in 2007 and later founding Above Media in 2012. His expertise in real estate marketing and innovative technology has helped Revive since year one. As Head of Sales, Jon helps homeowners and agents navigate the challenging world of renovations.

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