Maximizing Home Value with Innovative Real Estate Services: A Conversation between Dean Sharp and Revive CEO Michael Alladawi

Michael Alladawi
Michael Alladawi
Chief Executive Officer, Co founder
Apr 25, 2024
 Maximizing Home Value with Innovative Real Estate Services: A Conversation between Dean Sharp and Revive CEO Michael Alladawi

Revive CEO Michael Alladawi recently joined KFI host, Dean Sharp, AKA The House Whisperer, in the studio to discuss some new and innovative approaches Revive is pioneering for Realtors and home sellers to make the most from the sale of their homes. Here’s a recap of their conversation.

Revolutionizing Home Sales: Revive's No-Cost Approach to Enhancing Property Value

Dean Sharp: Michael, could you start by sharing how Revive is different from traditional real estate services?

Michael Alladawi: Absolutely, Dean. Revive is unique because we offer homeowners a way to enhance their property's value without any upfront costs. This is especially helpful for those overwhelmed by the expenses and hassles typically associated with preparing a home for sale.

The DIY Dilemma and Revive’s Solution

Dean Sharp: Springtime often means growing ‘honey-do’ lists and DIY frustrations. How does Revive help homeowners manage these challenges?

Michael Alladawi: We take on everything from providing the contractors to handling permits, design, material sourcing and more, which simplifies the renovation process. Our goal is to ensure homeowners can significantly increase their sale price, handling all the heavy lifting without the financial burden.

Why Not Just Flip the House?

Dean Sharp: Why does Revive not just flip homes directly? Seems to be a common practice among investors.

Michael Alladawi: Our mission is to support homeowners. By purchasing homes at about 80% of their value and renovating them, we let homeowners benefit from the increased sale price. We take less risk and charge a flat fee, which means more profit for the homeowner and a fair business model for us.

How Revive Works with Homeowners

Dean Sharp: Can you explain Revive’s process and how it aligns with a homeowner’s needs?

Michael Alladawi: Whether it’s urgent repairs or anything from minor to major upgrades, we assess the property and determine the best approach at no cost to the homeowner. We then manage the renovation process, utilizing our network of supported contractors who focus solely on delivering quality work efficiently.

Revive’s Supported Contractors and Service Programs

Dean Sharp: What makes a Revive-supported contractor different?

Michael Alladawi: Our contractors are focused on the job at hand, not the distractions of running a business. This specialization ensures they can deliver quick and reliable renovations, which is a huge benefit for homeowners.

Dean Sharp: And what about the programs Revive offers?

Michael Alladawi: We have two main programs. Our standard option is great for homeowners with a flexible timeline and involves no upfront costs, that program is known as our Renovate to Sell program. Our Sell360 program is for those who need quick transactions, where we handle everything from purchase to renovation, and the homeowner keeps all the profits minus a service fee.

Dean Sharp: Michael, your insights today have been incredibly enlightening. Thanks for sharing how Revive is making a positive impact in the real estate market by helping homeowners maximize their investments.

Michael Alladawi: Thank you for having me, Dean. I'm excited about helping more people not leave money on the table.

Portions of this article have been summarized and edited for brevity and clarity.

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Michael Alladawi
Michael Alladawi
Chief Executive Officer, Co founder
Apr 25, 2024

Michael Alladawi, CEO & Founder of Revive Real Estate, is a Southern California real estate veteran with a proven track record as a builder, investor, and respected home flipper. Michael created Revive Real Estate to share his industry knowledge and help homeowners maximize their profits when selling their homes. Michael’s passion for his work is as big as his desire to create lasting partnerships. For Michael, it all comes down to how much value one offers, both in business and life relationships.

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