Is The Trade Up Program Right For You?

Jon Salas
Jon Salas
Sales Manager
Oct 19, 2021
Is The Trade Up Program Right For You?

Many homeowners are hesitant to sell due to the uncertainty of finding another house. The Trade Up program helps owners buy their dream home in cash, relieving the anxiety of selling without a place to live. Learn more here.

Part of the home buying frenzy is the result of high demand for more space. The other half of this equation stems from a low inventory of houses for sale. Many homeowners are hesitant to sell due to the uncertainty of finding another house in such a competitive market.

Bidding wars are the new norm. So are all cash offers. For the majority of folks, these factors have led to discouragement across the board. 

The Trade Up program offers an encouraging alternative. You can now rest assured knowing that your offer is competitive, allowing you to move into your dream home. As for your current home? Learn more about our creative solution to see if it’s right for you.

Who should consider this program?

Much like your favorite Ariana Grande song, it’s not for everyone. To be eligible, you need to be a homeowner. Those that benefit most from this program are people who are:

Sick of losing bidding wars

It’s commonplace for homes to receive multiple offers. Since there’s only one winner, it’s important to stand out. Those that offer to pay cash or waive contingencies have proven most successful in this market.

Our team recently worked with a family that made 27 offers on homes--all of which left them empty-handed. When they decided to work with Revive, they were able to make a cash offer and immediately got the next house they bid on. 

Part of a family and need to secure a home before selling

Selling a house creates a catch-22. To buy a new house, most people need the proceeds from the house that they sold. This means making offers contingent upon the sale of their house or taking an expensive bridge loan. 

Then there’s the logistical nightmare component. If you sell your house, but haven’t found a new home yet, it’s much like being in purgatory. You may have to find temporary housing, which effectively means moving twice and potentially breaking a lease when you do find another house. 

Families need flexibility. 

To avoid either of these scenarios, it’s best to have a house to move into. We help you make a cash offer that wins 80 percent of bidding wars. After you secure a great place to live, you can move your family into a great new house while you rent-to-own. The best part? When your other house sells, you can pay us back using the proceeds. 

From start to finish in 5 steps: a true story

Recently, we helped a family from Los Angeles relocate. The husband accepted a job in Seattle and needed to move quickly. This is how we helped them using our 5 step process.

1. Find your perfect home

The family flew to Seattle to look at houses, hoping to find a good fit. They looked at dozens of properties over the course of a weekend and found one that stood out.

2. We buy it for you

The husband and wife were pre-qualified, had existing equity in their home, and had great credit. Upon hearing the good news, we quickly made a competitive cash offer and  helped them win the bidding war. 

3. You move in

After negotiating a fast close, the family was able to settle down in Emerald City. They entered into a lease agreement with the option to purchase when their home in Los Angeles was sold.

4. List & sell your old home

Rather than selling as-is, they decided to incorporate our home concierge services into the process. At this point, we became their boots on the ground in Los Angeles and began renovating. It recently sold for over asking price.

5. Buy your home from Revive 

Within a few months, this lovely family purchased their Seattle home from Revive using the proceeds. 

You Have Options

At Revive Concierge, our goal is to solve the problems that homeowners face. We recognize that bidding wars are frustrating and families want assurance when relocating. This led to the creation of the Trade Up program, which helps relieve the uncertainty behind moving.

Now, you have options that offer hope for a brighter future. Start the next chapter of your story in the home of your dreams.

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Jon Salas
Jon Salas
Sales Manager
Oct 19, 2021

Jonathan Salas brings a wealth of experience to Revive, having started in real estate in 2007 and later founding Above Media in 2012. His expertise in real estate marketing and innovative technology has helped Revive since year one. As Head of Sales, Jon helps homeowners and agents navigate the challenging world of renovations.

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