5 Marketing Mistakes That Drive Homebuyers Away

Anna Choi
Anna Choi
Growth Marketer
May 10, 2022
5 Marketing Mistakes That Drive Homebuyers Away

Marketing your house for sale is both an art and a science. By knowing what not to do, you can attract more buyers.

Homeowners who are selling their home are bound to make at least a few mistakes along the way, especially when it comes to getting their house ready to sell. Each mistake may increase the time it takes to sell or may drive homebuyers away altogether. 

Whether you’re selling your home or planning the next step, we put together five marketing mistakes that drive homebuyers away. 

Bad Listing Photos

You can have the most attractive home in the best condition on the market, but low-quality photos could stop you from making a sale. Homebuyers are often driven away from listings online when they see bad photos.


Because it’s a first impression that speaks volumes to the homebuyer. Whether the photos are too dim or it’s a cold picture of an empty corner, homebuyers don’t feel any spark to go any further. Other common culprits of bad photos include: 

  • Poor quality cell phone photos
  • Grainy look
  • Deep shadows 
  • Outside looking in
  • Crooked or tilted pictures
  • Lack of photos to begin with
  • Photos that show a messy environment

Talk to your real estate agent and review your online photos. Make sure none of your photos include elements listed above. It’s essential to take high-quality photos with plenty of light to give homebuyers confidence that they can schedule a visit in-person. Photos are an important first impression!

Houses that Need Work 

Turnkey homes are increasing in popularity because of their “ready to move in” nature. The phrase “turnkey” refers to a home that is simply ready for purchase before turning the key and moving in. A recent study emphasized that buyer preferences have changed to favor move-in ready properties. About 42% of all homes purchased were turnkey in 2021, which is 22% higher than the amount of fixer-uppers sold.

Take the extra time and resources to make your home turnkey. Take care of renovations, add value to your home, and sell it faster once it’s ready to move in. Professional pre-sale renovation services can make a huge difference if your lifestyle doesn't align with managing renovations. They specialize in project management, budgeting and even make renovation decisions on your behalf. 


Imagine going to an open house and seeing items all over the place. Not the best impression, right?

A cluttered area distracts homebuyers from the positive features of your home. Whether you're showing off new LED light bulbs in the kitchen or new countertops, clutter can  offset your fabulous additions. Most homebuyers have trouble visualizing what a house might look like, especially when there is clutter or too much personalization. Clutter makes your home feel cramped, smaller, and neglected overall. 

Start small when reducing clutter in your home. It’s overwhelming when you have to clean the house on top of a hundred other tasks while you’re selling. It could be a single corner, a closet, or the bathroom, but chip away at clearing clutter each day. Put bins under beds, in the basement, or attic while staging so the main areas of your home look clean and more spacious. 

Lack of Environmentally Friendly Features

We live in a time where technology and a focus on the environment are more important than ever. Homebuyers are looking for energy-efficient features that impact the earth while lowering the cost of utilities. A lack of environmentally friendly features often drives buyers away because it gives the impression that the home is outdated.  

70% of real estate agents believe that promoting energy-efficient qualities of a property is valuable. Invest in attractive features such as low-flow showerheads and replace traditional light bulbs with LED versions. Look for Energy Star appliances, and be sure to market your home as environmentally friendly when you sell!

Not Conducive to Remote Work Life

After the pandemic, homebuyers want more space. A shift to remote work culture meant that more people wanted space to both work and live. According to a NAR study, families show an increased desire for detached homes and larger yards.

Additionally, basements are key because homeowners can turn them into offices, home gyms, or anything that creates more space rather than turning to a public environment. 

Consider upgrading your basement, and utilizing home concierge services that know the most cost-effective way to convert space into what today’s buyers are looking for. Not only will it increase your home’s value, but it will help you make a sale that much quicker. 

Revive Helps You Attract Potential Buyers

Marketing your home for sale could be overwhelming, but plenty of tiny mistakes along the way are in your control. At Revive, we handle the heavy lifting when it comes to making a key sale. Whether you need help with renovations or you’re looking to build long-lasting relationships with real estate experts, we can give you the confidence you need to sell your home.

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Anna Choi
Anna Choi
Growth Marketer
May 10, 2022

Anna Choi is a New York transplant. A full-stack growth marketer with deep experience in managing and executing integrated marketing strategies. Her ability to project manage and execute quickly across any marketing channel comes in second only to her talent as being one of the most organized humans alive.

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