Thinking about Selling? 10 Ways to Maximize Your Home Sales Price

Every seller aspires to receive the highest possible price for their home. Whether they want to use the proceeds to buy or build their next home, to fund their retirement, or for other investments, maximizing the sales price is always a goal. While sellers can’t control market conditions, they can take steps that may boost the offers they receive from buyers.‍

10 ways to boost your home sales price

When you want to maximize the proceeds from the sale of your home, you’ll need to make strategic decisions and take some concrete steps.

1.   Hire a knowledgeable local agent. Pricing your home correctly from the beginning and targeted marketing are the best ways to get your home sold quickly and for top dollar. An experienced local real estate agent is your best bet to get a strong comparative market analysis based on current conditions in your neighborhood and to market your home strategically.

2.   Time your sale to your local market. If your home is in a family-oriented community where most buyers want to settle into their home by the beginning of the school year, you may want to list it in the spring or early summer. But if you’re in a more seasonal market such as a vacation home community in Florida, you may be better off listing in the fall or winter.

3.   Hire a home inspector. It may seem counterintuitive to find flaws in your home, but it’s better to find them before you list your home and fix them. Keep the receipts to show buyers what you’ve repaired and when.

4.   Consider home concierge services. To garner the highest sales price, consider hiring experts like Revive to evaluate your home, recommend the best updates for your market and make those updates for you. No need to worry about making choices and finding contractors, that’s part of the package.

5.   Stage your outdoor space. Homebuyers pay even more attention than ever to outdoor space where they can relax, work or entertain. Even if you have a small outdoor space, stage it with a plant and a little chair so they can see themselves enjoying it.

6.   Consider smart – but simple – upgrades. Inexpensive smart home features such as a home security system or front door locks controlled with your smartphone are a cheap wow factor for buyers. For under $200, buyers will get the impression that your home is up to date.

7.   Switch your home to neutral. Every buyer wants to imagine themselves living in your home, so it’s best to get rid of clutter and your personal items so they can picture their own belongings there. Freshening your rooms with neutral paint is one of the least expensive and most effective ways to present your home to buyers as a place they could live.

8.   Stage your home. Your real estate agent can help you rearrange your home to highlight its best features by bringing in some items and taking others away. Staging is expected by most buyers today, who want to see a home that resembles a model home as much as possible.

9.   Offer concessions. Depending on your local market conditions and your prospective buyers, you may want to offer to cover closing costs or buy down the mortgage rate so your buyers need less cash. You can raise the sales price to cover these concessions so that you still get the full proceeds you anticipate from the sale.

10.  Negotiate on nonmonetary items. You can hold the line on your price but be flexible with the closing date or perhaps offer some furnishings to the buyers to close the deal.

While every technique can help you get the best price for your home, contact Revive to make strategic upgrades for the biggest return on your investment.  

written with intention by
Bailey Martinez
Business Development Director