Looking To Sell Your Home? Don’t Take A Chance On Renovation Design

Lauren Baltzell
Lauren Baltzell
Interior Designer
Jun 23, 2021
Looking To Sell Your Home? Don’t Take A Chance On Renovation Design

When it comes to renovating your home before selling, it’s both an art and a science. Certain designs will serve as a blank canvas for potential buyers, while others will scare them away.

Homeowners shouldn’t have to feel the pressure of making their homes perfect in order to sell. Having cash on hand is already stressful, let alone doing research on renovation design all by yourself. 

What color paint should the living room be? Should we scrape the ceilings and tear up the carpet? You never know which renovations are going to attract more buyers and net you the most profit

Unless you’re in the real estate business, these are difficult questions to answer. Luckily, there is a perfect solution to all of this. Don’t take a chance on renovation design, let the experts handle it for you.

Homeowners want turnkey properties

What exactly is a turnkey property? It’s a home that the buyer could move into without making any additional renovations. They simply “turn the key” and they have a happy home to live in. 

Homeowners want a turnkey property more than anything. It’s attractive because the buyer doesn’t have to worry about a kitchen remodel or fixing plumbing. In this busy world, no one has time for doing that before moving. There’s no complications, simply a home that your family can move into immediately.

Home concierge services know exactly how to turn your property into a turnkey home. They know what the latest trends are and handle renovations for you. It’s like letting an expert handle what they do best, while you sit back and prepare to move out. Home concierges already think like a home-flipper, because they’ve renovated and helped sell thousands of homes like yours.

Your home should be a blank canvas for potential buyers

Making your home both turnkey and a blank canvas may sound tricky, but it’s more simple than that. Renovation design should be a balance of feeling cozy and welcoming, but also complete. Your home should have potential buyers imagining themselves in your space. Decor and design can completely transform a home for many.

Don’t have too many personal or seasonal items around. Instead keep your home neutral with paint colors like a dorian gray or smoked oyster shades. Remember that, “less is more” when it comes to accessories from room to room. Give the rest of your home an earthy tone so buyers are feeling inspired to decorate rather than feeling plain. Replace personal decorations with healthy plants which compliments your new home renovations

Remove throw rugs and get rid of any clutter in your home. Keep the furniture to a minimum so the home appears more spacious. It also always helps to be more organized in the kitchen. Keep the cabinets tidy as potential buyers are likely to open them. Following a kitchen remodel timetable can ensure that any upgrades are completed efficiently. Replace personal items with cookbooks or even fruit bowls to compliment the kitchen. Additionally, planning your efforts according to a kitchen renovation timeline can help you stay on track and make the kitchen more appealing to buyers.

Choose the right upgrades

When we say, “Don’t take a chance” on renovation designs, it’s not about giving up before you start. 

It’s about making the right upgrades and moving with the trends. You don’t want to go against the grain. Yes, your place might stand out due to a specific aesthetic, but it’s going to appeal to less people. This results in less offers and not maximizing your profit. 

Choosing the right upgrades takes dedicated research to the latest trends in home design. It’s always a good idea to do a comparative market analysis of the homes in your area and see what they look like. 

What kind of light fixtures are people installing? How does the landscaping look in each yard? You don’t want to install marble in your kitchen while everybody else is using granite. Another great example is building a sunroom. A sunroom is really only ideal for hotter climates in the south. They don’t have a high ROI when you’re trying to sell. It doesn’t make sense to build an uninsulated sunroom when you’re in a New England climate.

Swimming pools and extravagant bathroom add-ons like a whirlpool bathtub will likely lower your chances of finding a seller if you’re in an average family-oriented neighborhood. These upgrades are high-maintenance and may draw concerns to potential buyers. 

It’s better to renovate with trends instead of taking a chance so you can be confident that your home will look appealing to more people.

Here are some quick ways you could increase the value of your home: 

  • Invest in landscaping by installing plants along your sidewalk and perimeter of the home 
  • Hire an exterior cleaning company to powerwash your driveway, patio, sidewalk, and gutters 
  • Replace brass door knobs and hinges with nickel ones
  • Install energy-efficient appliances like microwaves, amd refrigerators

Revive can help you make informed design decisions

We know how overwhelming the process of renovation design could be for homeowners. The traditional system expects you to have a bunch of cash on hand, ready to spend on upgrades that you have to individually research yourself. Here at Revive Concierge, we believe in democratizing the renovation process by helping you make informed design decisions. 

Revive matches you with an expert, fonts you the capital, and maps out an action plan. Our home concierge service will give you confidence by handling renovation design so we can deliver you a beautiful turnkey home to sell.

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Lauren Baltzell
Lauren Baltzell
Interior Designer
Jun 23, 2021

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