8 Time-Saving Programs Every Real Estate Agent Should Try

No matter what local market conditions are like, many real estate agents work pretty much all the time. After all, they need to be available when their clients are free, and they need to constantly refresh their knowledge of their local market. And yet, there are some real estate agents who manage their work-life integration seamlessly and carve out time for their family, friends and relaxation. How do they do it? One way is to rely on timesaving programs to speed up or outsource some of their tasks.

8 timesaving programs to try:

1.   An automated CRM. Keeping up with your clients is essential to building a real estate career with longevity, but it can be difficult to remember birthdays, anniversaries and other reasons to stay in touch once you have hundreds of contacts in your database. Customer relationship management (CRM) software can streamline your outreach. Two to try: Cloze and Hubspot.

2.   Automated marketing. Continually marketing yourself and your listings is just as important as keeping in touch with your current clients. Several programs are available that help you spend less time on your marketing. Try MoxiWorks and Outbound Engine.

3.   Organizing your time. Whether you’re hyper-organized or manage your career despite a chaotic style, multiple tools exist to keep real estate agents on task and their paperwork at their fingertips. Try Thryv, which integrates with your website to schedule appointments, EverNote for well-organized notes and reminders, and DropBox to keep your files secure and yet easily sharable with clients.

4.   Image editing. While you may have a photographer or videographer you like to use, sometimes you don’t have the time or extra money to spend on professional images. Try the VSCO app for editing photos and videos to showcase your listings at their best. If you want to create your own marketing materials, try Canva for video editing, templates for flyers and more.

5.   Editable pdfs. To simplify your interactions with clients and end the practice of printing, scanning, signing and emailing documents, try a program that allows you to create editable pdfs. Adobe Acrobat may be the best known, but some real estate agents also like DocFly. When you need your clients to be able to sign confidential documents, DocuSign is also a good option. Then, there are times that you need a quick edit of your finished PDFs, you may use Canva PDF Editor.

6.   Money management. Tracking your expenses and managing your commissions can get complicated, so several companies developed software geared to real estate agents to simplify their accounting. Try RealtyZam or IXACT, which functions as both a transaction tracking and CRM tool.

7.   Virtual assistant app. If you need help but aren’t ready to hire a full-time assistant or develop your own team, a virtual assistant may be ideal to take on simple tasks such as keeping your database updated. Try Zirtual to find a trained virtual assistant to take over some of your responsibilities so you have more time for your clients.

8.   Concierge services. Speaking of responsibilities, whether you need errands run, a minor repair or a TV installed, TaskRabbit can provide you with the help you need from a vetted person at a simple hourly rate. Handing over hassles to someone else frees time for you to work on your business, which often includes prepping a house for sale. For that, rely on Revive to step in with a plan, the contractors and materials needed to execute it and the team to manage the process. Your sellers will get a better price for their home, and you’ll be relieved of the time-consuming energy it takes to get a property ready for the market.

Time management for a better life – and a better career – requires multiple solutions. Thankfully, programs and services are available to streamline multifaceted real estate transactions.

written with intention by
Candice Mooring
Content Marketer